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The Orange Is Oranger Cleveland Browns Podcast

Dec 13, 2017

5 Hot Minutes with @JeremyInAkron presented by Rep Ohio Clothing


Browns Game Recap Presented by US Safety Gear

               Packers 27 – Browns 21 OT, players having fun

               Like it – Kizer through 3 qtrs

Love it –  run game

Hate it – 4th qtr, lack of D adjustments


Browns Draft Board Presented by…

Evaluating the current NFL standings, schedules, and future studs so you don’t have to…

1             Cleveland                      0-13 

2             NY Giants                       2-11  

3             Indianapolis                   3-10 

4             San Francisco                 3-10 

5             Denver                           4-9    

6             Cleveland (via HOU)      4-9  

Key Games This Week:

Hou @ Jacksonville = need Jags win (make HOU pick better)

Eagles @ Giants = need Giants win (secure #1 pick and help make HOU pick better)

Titans @ 49ers = need 49ers win (make HOU pick better)

Denver @ Colts = need Colts win (make HOU pick better)


Browns Game Preview

               Home for Baltimore Ravens

               1pm kickoff

               Browns are 0-13. Winless Season Parade picking up steam and momentum, reflog appeared on ESPN this week! LOL! Good on him for donating money to charity, that’s what its all about. Anyway, Ravens are 7-6 fighting for that last wildcard playoff spot. Browns can play spoiler and knock them out of their misery. A win does nothing for our draft pick as we are 2 games ahead of the NY Football Giants. Browns. Obviously coming off a heartbreaking loss. Ravens favored by 6.5.


Keys to the Game – stop the deep ball

Bold Predictions – Browns look as bad as they have all year

Final Score – 13 – 6 Ravens


Sponsor Thank Yous

               Rep Ohio Clothing

               US Safety Gear

               Realtor Dan Hamilton with Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty


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